Recent Snags #1: A-Force #1 Adam Hughes Variant

As mentioned in the previous post, I am a rabid fan of the work done by Adam Hughes. I am currently in the process of collecting back issues with his cover art, largely in part because I have recently been schooled concerning the increasing values that at least some of his work commands.A-Force 1 Adam Hughes

I always liked his covers, but seeing the recent rapid cost increases his Harley Quinn #1 variant was getting, I started taking a closer look into other pricey items featuring Hughes covers. I will admit that I am coming very late to the game in this, but I was astonished to see what his Supergirl and the Legion of Superheroes #23 cover (the image for which is currently serving as my desktop wallpaper) was selling for…$300 or more for a 1:10 variant. After a bit of research, it turns out that there are a handful of other Hughes covers that command big bucks for relatively small ratio covers. Most are still purchasable for smaller amounts, but there are some that just hit it out of the park.

I remember passing on the A-Force #1 variant, simply to save costs. At a 1:50 ratio, I figured I would have to pony up $25-$35 dollars for the book at my LCS, or even more if it were in demand by other file holders there. So, I bagged the first issue with the regular cover, followed by the second and third issues, after which I called it quits. The book itself was of little interest to me, yet another grrrl power motif that has been done over and over in recent history (Fearless Defenders, etc.). But the cover….oh that cover. It took some real willpower to pass on it. Then I saw the eBay asking price (local shops were immediately out of stock).

Needless to say, the book hit the top of my Hughes list (along with the Supergirl I mentioned, Teen Titans #75 and Wonder Woman #600, both of which are very hard to find and I am certain to pay through the nose for). The book is currently guiding for about $60 at NM, so I snagged a (what I hope is) NM copy off of eBay for about $63 dollars total, just a smidgen above estimated market value. The upside, beyond the perfection of the Hughes rendered Medusa, is if it returns at a 9.6…then I have a gain of about 20%. Better yet, I have hopes it will increase in value even more, being just a few months old.

As I said, I’ve been schooled. I had always intended to collect any and all Hughes covers, but put it off in favor of gathering silver age books, and filling holes in the first Avengers and Justice League of America series’. Now it seems I need to divert more immediate attention to Mr. Hughes, and deservedly so. I see many impending slab orders.


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