Recent Snags #3: Justice League of America #12

Many Silver Age books have continued their rise in value, but one title has left me a bit miffed in that it seems relatively stagnant compared to others. Debuting in 1960, the Justice League of America was the first Silver Age team book, and the direct inspiration for other team books such as the Fantastic Four (1961), the Avengers (1963), and the X-Men (1963). Yet somehow it lags in appreciation compared to its juniors.JLoA 12

But I have a theory that this could soon change. It is the hope of some, including myself, that if the DC movie franchise gets its act together in catching up to the Marvel Movie craze, the upcoming Batman v. Superman movie will lay proper groundwork to the upcoming Justice League movie, and the early series will get its just due. That’s the hope, anyway.

That said, although I was never a JLA fan as a kid (I made mine Marvel back then, but have no such bias now), I have begun collecting early books from the first series (and some of the later volumes). Having recently purchased #15, #49, #50 and #57, as well as many other early issues post-70’s to pre-200’s, this is now my earliest issue owned. Graded at a modest but respectable FN-, I managed to snag it for a mere $47. Not bad for a book “guiding” at around $75 at that grade…especially if the series gets the bump some of us are hoping for.

Unfortunately, the mid-grades will have to be my MO for collecting Silver Age books. With so many to get (in this case as fast as I can) and so many other interests to tend to on a limited budget (although the wife might challenge exactly how much limitation I impose on my indulgences), I consider myself fortunate to afford any SA buy at VF grade or above.

It might not be much to some, but I am quite pleased with the book.


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